Sourdough Baking Class



In this class we will be baking: Pain Rustic / Flavoured Rye Bread / White Sourdough Bread 

This class is taught by Artisan Baker Emmanuel Hadjiandreou


Sourdough bread is some of the best tasting bread out there – in my humble opinion. If you want to master making your own Sourdough, then come along to this class.

During this class we will be working with both a rye and a wheat sourdough starter. We will create a wide variety of sourdough breads. We will cover all the aspects of making Sourdough bread at home, including how to maintain a healthy starter. 

We will be making breads such as Pain Rustic, 100% Rye Bread and White Sourdough.

We will introduce you to the magnificent world of Sourdough. How does it work? How is it different from fresh yeast? These are only some of the questions that we will cover in this class. Each student will take home some flour and instructions on how to make their own Sourdough starter.

This is a class for anyone interested in making healthy and tasty breads at home, no previous baking experience is required.

This class is taught by seasoned baking instructor Emmanuel Hadjiandreou. Emmanuel has a wealth of baking knowledge which is demonstrated in his beautiful book “How to Make Bread”. Emmanuel will take you through all the stages of sourdough bread making, from kneading, to shaping, proving and finally baking the loaves. No previous baking experience is required, but a willingness to dive into the weird and wonderful world of bread baking is a plus.

This is an 8 hour class. Tea and coffee will be served together with a home baked treat as well as a lunch. A great class for any home baker who is ready to take their baking to a new level. You will take home all the goodies you baked in the class.


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