Scandinavian Baking Class



In this class we will be baking: Cinnamon Twisters / Rye Bread with Seeds / Danish Butter Cookies

Scandinavian cuisine has had a revival over the past couple of years. So I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce some Scandi baked goods. We will make some traditional Danish Rye bread with a mix of seeds. This is the perfect base for some open faced sandwiches, such as herring with mustard sauce, cold cuts or smoked salmon with dill.

I will then teach you how to make cinnamon twisters which will impress at any brunch or picnic. We will finish off with some delicious Danish butter cookies which are a far cry from the the ones in the iconic blue tin. These cookies are a true taste explosion in the mouth.

This is a 4 hour long class. After an introduction to bread making, we will start making the first dough. While the doughs are proving, we will take a break and I will use the time to discuss baking techniques, the kinds of flour to use for certain types of breads and cakes and how to make bread baking a part of your daily life. You will take home all the goodies you baked in the class.


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