French Bread Baking Class



In this class we will be baking: Baguette / Fougasse / Brioche

Most home bakers aspire to make the perfect baguette. In this class I will teach you how to make a baguette using  a poolish. A poolish is  a small dough that you prepare the day before you want to bake and then incorporate into your final dough. The baguette dough has a high water content, and I will teach you a great kneading technique for this type of dough.

We will also bake Fougasse in this class. Fougasse is a leaf shaped bread and depending on what kind of flavor you want, you can add olives, bacon or anchovies to the dough.

Finally, we will make a classic French breakfast bread: The Brioche. The brioche is a tasty treat which many people enjoy eating together with a warm cup of coffee in the morning. We will be making Brioche loaves (the ideal bread for French Toast too!) and small individual brioches with a dark chocolate center.

This is a 5.5 hour long class. After an introduction to bread making, we will start making the first dough. While the doughs are proving, we will serve a light meal, and I will use the break to discuss bread baking techniques, the kinds of flour to use for certain types of breads and how to make bread baking a part of your daily life. You will take home all the goodies you baked in the class.


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