Danish Pastry Class



In this class we will be baking: Apple Turnover / Cinnamon Swirls / Spandauer

This class seem so obvious that I am surprised about how long time it has taken us to get it up on the website! Denmark is renowned for their pastries and most people have either tasted a Danish pastry or at least they know what it is.

This class will teach you how to make a laminated dough with butter (similar to a croissant dough). We will use the dough to make some very traditional Danish pastries. The apple and cinnamon swirls are probably the best known pastries, but we will also teach you how to make a spandauer which is filled with both pastry cream and an almond filling – delish! 

During this 4 hour class you will learn how to make a laminated dough and how to achieve a perfectly flaky pastry with various fillings that are sure to be a hit at your next brunch.

This is a 4 hour class. Tea and coffee will be served together with a home baked treat. You will take home all the goodies you baked in the class.


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