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Here are some pieces featuring the Baking Lab. If you are a journalist/food blogger or someone who just likes home made bread and cakes and want to know more about Bake with Maria - The Baking Lab, then contact us on for more information.


The Guardian: Gluten-free: health fad or life-saving diet? Dalton Banks: Learning how to be gluten savvy, Bake with Maria
Connie Consumes: Gluten savvy bread class at Bake with Maria Room for a Radish: Trouble with gluten?
Foodepedia: Bake with maria and Get to be Gluten Savvy Lisa Loves Leftovers: Bake with Maria - Bread Making and being #glutensavvy
Muddy Boots Bakes: Bread Baking at The Baking Lab - A Bake with Maria Course I'm A Londoner: Chocolate Making Class @ Bake with Maria, St John’s Wood
Got To Be Gourmet: All Things Chocolate At ‘Bake With Maria’ Persephone H : recipes from East London: Getting over my Ganache Fear with Bake with Maria

Hot & Chilli: Bake with Maria, Italian desserts Sophie Loves Food: Review: Chocolate Savvy at Bake with Maria
Foodie Force: Baking Brilliance Recipe Rifle: Overnight rye buns

The Guardian, How I Learned to Bake Macarons

Ham & High: Bonding and baking at family cookery class 



BBC Good Food, Learn from an Expert

Food and Travel, Tried and Tasted

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House & Garden, Pastry Principles

Love Baking Bread, 5 Top Courses

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Stuff Magazine, New Geek Resolutions Wisdom Nugget

The Guardian, Goodbye Supermarkets

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Fuss Free Flavours, Review of the Intro Class

Huffington Post, Taking a French Pastry Class

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The Express Beachcomber

Homes & Gardens, Masterclasses

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Kitchen Goddess, Italian Baking Class In Tuscany

Moncada Brewery, Pizza Making and Beer Tasting

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The Telegraph, Bread Baking Classes in London

Hampstead & Highgate Express, Bread-Baking for Everyone

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Style High Club, French Pastry Class at Bake with Maria

Kitchen Goddess, Meet Maria the Bread Baking Goddess from Denmark!

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The Lady, Ode to the Loaf

Time Out, Ice, Ice Baby: Rise to the Challenge at the Baking Lab

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Pauline a la Creme Anglaise

My Fash Diary, My Tart-Making Experience

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Wood & Vale, Entrepreneur’s Career on the Rise

Looking to Cook, Six Alternative Cooking Schools

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The Whole Food Diary, Intro to Bread Baking Course at Bake with Maria

Howells Baking with Maria


Sweet Spoon, In My Kitchen with Maria Mayerhofer


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CheapOair, Warming up to London’s Bake with Maria Baking Classes

Londonist, London Food and Drink News

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MsMarmiteLover, Pretzels

Umami Girl, When It’s Right, You Just Know

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Monocle, The Entrepreneurs, Episode 5

Sifting Through...Expat Edition, Bake with Maria at the Baking Lab