About Us

Bake with Maria was founded by keen baker Maria Mayerhofer. The company started out in Maria’s own kitchen where she taught groups of people how to make their own bread at home. The classes soon became very popular, and many of them would be booked out shortly after being posted online. The feedback from students has been so positive and the demand for classes was more than a small domestic kitchen could cope with. Feeling assured that there was a demand for baking classes in London, Maria took the next step and opened up The Baking Lab in the beginning of November, 2011. The Baking Lab features top of the range domestic appliances. It is important to the concept that everything that is taught in the Baking Lab can be replicated at home without fancy ovens or endless pieces of baking equipment.

Job Opening:

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at The Baking Lab please send an email to: maria@bakewithmaria.com



I’ve been baking ever since I was a little girl. I love spending time in my kitchen trying out new recipes and making up my own! My big passion is home baked bread and cakes – no bread machines in my kitchen! I enjoy kneading bread, seeing the dough develop in my hands, and the baking highlight is taking the tray out of the oven with a steaming hot bread.

Besides the sheer enjoyment of baking your own bread and not having to rely on boring white bread from the supermarket, home baked bread also has a high nutritional value. So baking your own bread is not only fun and rewarding, but it adds to a healthier lifestyle.




 I have been baking for over twenty-five years and am the author of “ How to Make Bread” which is an accumulation of recipes I have developed through my baking life.
Bread is special – from the moment you start mixing the ingredients to the time when you take it out of the oven, tap it on the bottom to check for a hollow sound and then that unmistakable smell that overwhelms you as the baked bread cools. It is magical!
Through my years of baking and running bakeries, I have had enormous pleasure in introducing enthusiastic and passionate people to my world of bread and inspiring them to enjoy the rewards of making loaves to be proud of. I believe that everyone can make a loaf of bread, and with practice, it can be a great bread! 



 I was born in Morocco where I studied until the age of 21, and then moved to France
My passion for cooking began at the age of 10. I was always attracted to the kitchen and cooking food with my mum, who was also a cook, she taught me the basics of cooking and also developed my pallet for good food and the use of the spices and the vegetables which were and still are available in abundance in my home city of Marrakech.
In France I worked in different restaurants which helped me develop my cooking skills. I then moved to London where I worked at Baker ‘n’ Spice as a pastry chef for about a year. I became head pastry chef in one of their branches. I moved to open the first ever shop with Ottolenghi which included the development of new and exciting patisseries, also training new members of staff and developing their skills. I did this for about 5 years. I decided to leave to teach and share my passion with other people in different schools such as Divertimenti, Caldesi, The cookery school, The Bertinet kitchen in Bath and finally at Pimlico table
I’ve helped a few people set up their own shops and develop their menus this being in London and also Turkey. I am very proud of the fact that some of my favourite recipes ended up in the first ever Ottolenghi cookery book




Having originally trained as an actress I found my way into the world of press relations and marketing. I worked mainly with restaurants and alcohol brands before taking time out to have my baby. I now work with Bake with Maria to help them tell the world about the amazing work that is done in The Baking Lab. I am passionate about helping small yet brilliant brands raise their profiles and feel very lucky to be working with such a talented team, not least because they keep me very well fed with the most amazing baked goods!

I am always happy to hear from journalists, bloggers and similar brands that would like to work with us. bella@bakewithmaria.com






 Marie Pedersen graduated from Central St Martins in 2002, with a degree in Product Design. She worked for several design agencies before setting up her own print making business in East London. She prints posters and textiles with her own designs or by commission, from her silkscreen studio. Marie designed the Bake With Maria logo and screen-printed the tote bags. She also runs crochet and knitting workshops.Website: www.mariepedersen.me



 I grew up first learning how to enjoy and savour delicious, well-seasoned food from my mother and grandmother. It may have really started as a cookie-baking childhood hobby, but I officially kicked off my career in cookery six years ago through attending Le Cordon Bleu London, catering, and working in establishments throughout San Diego and London. 
Three years ago, after discovering that chocolate and I work very well with one another, I became deeply involved in chocolate-making with head chocolatier and owner of Dallmann Fine Chocolates,

Isabella Mayrhofer, in San Diego. I was then granted the privilege of working at the prestigious Melt Chocolates boutique in Notting Hill for a year and a half. Since then I have “indulged” in helping clients take the fear out of making chocolates at home by passing along my skills, techniques, and above all, patience!