Getting to know Bella June 06 2016

Bella is the P.R. and Marketing manager at Bake with Maria. She is a super keen cook but not an excellent baker. She loves eating baked goods though!

How did you come to work at Bake with Maria?

I had a background in food PR and had taken time out to have my baby boy. I was just looking to get back into work again when I saw a request on the Maida Vale Parents to Parents Facebook Group. The rest is history!

What is the best thing about working at Bake with Maria?

Besides all the food? The people. Maria and her team are so warm and enthusiastic, the attitude is contagious. It is why all our students have the best time and come back again and again.

What is your favourite Bake with Maria recipe?

I love the Overnight Rye Buns which are taught in the Healthy Bread Baking Class and in the brilliant Family Baking Class they are so simple when you know how and they meanI can give my son freshly baked bread in the morning. That makes me feel like a domestic goddess!


Tell us something we didn’t know about you

I am a little bit obsessed with juices and smoothies. I am convinced they will help me live forever! I usually start the day with a green smoothie:

1 frozen Banana

2 handfuls of spinach

1 tablespoon of peanut butter ( or any nut butter)

300 mls of brown rice milk

Whizz it all together in the blender, I promise that even though it is green it tastes great!